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Lenovo Health Announces Partnership with LifeMed ID

Lenovo Health Announces LifeMed ID Partnership

These partners are bringing a proven universal patient identity solution to market– read the complete press release for details.

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Interoperability and Unique Patient Identifiers

The need for a unique patient identifier has struck a chord that is reverberating across the health industry.


Lenovo Health Partners with the Center for Connected Medicine

The organizations share a vision of an intelligent, connected community-of-care ecosystem. Learn more here.


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AHA Partners With Amazon

The goal of this collaborative partnership is to further refine cardiovascular research for precision medicine …

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Big Data Strategy For Provider Success

Since the hardware and systems are available, a strategic application of data is the next step to address…

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New Measures Introduced By ONC

Two metrics have been established to measure interoperability. Decided upon based on the comments received …


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Practical Applications for Virtual Reality in He...

There’s a lot of talk about the promise of virtual reality (VR) in healthcare delivery. And while virtual…

Lenovo Perspective
Lenovo Perspective
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Kennedy Speaks On Mental Illness

Former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy speaks out about the need for greater innovation for the treatment of mental…

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Paying For Rural Telehealth

A convenience to some may be a more costly innovation for rural patients without broadband access …


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ONC On Blockchain Technology

ONC has launched an interoperability contest calling for use of the Bitcoin technology known as the …

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The Need for a Ransomware Response Plan

There has been an “explosion” of ransomware attacks in the last few months, says Scott Keoseyan, a specialist…

Lenovo Perspective
Lenovo Perspective

A How-To For Combating Ransomware

The HHS Office for Civil Rights has released these guidelines for training, contingency, and responsiveness plans …