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Health IT: Comparing the Options

by Beth Walsh

Clinical Innovation + Technology

Article excerpt

HITPC finalizes 4 key recommendations for HIT comparison tool

There is “a need for ongoing comparison tools for providers—not just those making their first purchase but those considering modular needs to meet reporting requirements,” said Anita Somplasky, director of the Physician Quality Measures Development and of both of Pennsylvania’s regional extension centers.

Our take

Comparing Various Health IT Options? Soon There May Be a New Tool for That!

At a January 20 meeting, co-chairs of the Certified Technology Comparison Task Force presented their recommendations for a national health IT comparison tool. The tool would be designed to provide an empirical resource for health organizations’ consideration in purchasing health IT. What role should the ONC (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology) play here?

Cris Ross, CIO of Mayo Clinic, and one of the task force co-chairs, covered a list of shoulds and should nots at the meeting. His co-chair, Anita Somplasky, director of the Physician Quality Measures Development, as well as both of Pennsylvania’s regional extension centers, shared ideas on the attributes that such a tool should include. While the group agreed to move forward, concerns about intellectual property issues were raised. Providers need aid and flexibility in helping them make IT decisions; it remains to be seen whether this initiative will meet those needs.