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A Shifting Health Industry

by Mark Reilly

Milwaukee Business Journal

Article excerpt

Epic Systems pays $46M to buy Mayo Clinic data center

Later in the year, Epic announced it will collaborate with Mayo Clinic and IBM Watson Health and to apply the cognitive computing capabilities of IBM’s Watson supercomputer to electronic health records. IBM and Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic were collaborating on cognitive computing in clinical trials matching for cancer patients.

Our take

An Epic Battle for Interoperability

Mayo Clinic’s recent announcement that it will sell its data center to Epic Systems signals another major move for the EHR provider which, according to this article, manages the health records of more than half of the U.S. population. Mayo shifted its EHR system from Cerner to Epic in February 2015. Epic has made inroads in interoperability over the past several months. How might this move impact your organization?

Mayo is obviously a big player in the medical industry; Cerner and Epic are both key players in the EHR space, and both are clearly trying to capture the lion’s share of the healthcare market. All know that interoperability will be a key to capturing market share and competing successfully in a future likely to be crowded with both traditional and disruptive competitors.