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AHA Partners With Amazon

by Jessica Davis

Healthcare IT News

Article excerpt

American Heart Association collaborates with Amazon Web Services for precision medicine

The collaborative goal is to foster research, which will expand cardiovascular science and practice through precision medicine. According to the announcement, the effort will pool genetic data and patient lifestyle and environment that will be aggregated and analyzed by AHA researchers to improve care and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Our take

Big Business Focused on Precision Medicine

In an effort to spur innovation in the use of big data for precision medicine, the American Heart Association has partnered with Amazon Web Services and is also making significant funding available through grants—allocating $30 million and hoping to generate $100-200 million more. Are there opportunities for your organization to use these grants to support your own research and initiatives, alone or in partnership with others?

Partnerships are becoming increasing important in healthcare as traditional organizations attempt to keep pace with rapid technological changes and changing patient demands. Cardiovascular care is one area that has the potential to benefit from precision medicine, positively impacting an aging population. Even if your organization is unable to directly take part in these types of initiatives, you can benefit from the findings and best practices of others. The promise of big data is clear.