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Cybersecurity Risks Hack Consumer Confidence

by Lisa Pettigrew


Article excerpt

Healthcare’s Biggest Public Confidence Challenge: Security and Privacy

Clinicians and physicians alike have always fiercely protected their obligations to patient confidentiality. In the U.S., HIPAA provides additional strict enforcement. But the immaturity of healthcare organizations’ cybersecurity can inadvertently create a significant privacy gap.

Our take

Cybersecurity Concerns May Require New Roles/Structures for IT

When it comes to healthcare security, healthcare leaders have the will, but do they know the way? It’s a big issue with no easy solutions. As this author points out, consumers can cancel credit cards when they have been breached, but medical records can’t be canceled. As consumer choices grow in terms of who they seek care from, and how that care is delivered, the need for maintaining a strong defense against security breaches and data theft is paramount. How can healthcare organizations best address this issue?

Cybersecurity isn’t the sole responsibility of the IT department. Healthcare leaders must ensure that these discussions are taking place in the boardroom and across the senior leadership team and may need to consider new health IT roles and structures to best address security and privacy issues.