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Data Exchange: Make Patients a Priority

by Mark Byers

Healthcare IT News

Article excerpt

EHR integration: Keeping patients at the center of care

While some data sharing exists between providers, patients are all too often left in the dark as to their overall care plans, the cost of treatment and even their own EHR or medical history. As a result of this breakdown in data sharing, most patients tend to receive care passively; with few proactive patients initiating participation in their own care.

Our take

IT Professionals Can Help Drive Patient Engagement Through EHR Integration

Value-based care is likely to drive a movement to better data sharing with patients, a major step in moving toward greater patient participation in their own care and driving better outcomes. But, currently, patients are often entirely out of the loop when it comes to their own care plans. Even the transfer of data between physicians doesn’t occur consistently, especially between competing organizations.

While there is widespread agreement that better data sharing will result in improved outcomes, the current environment doesn’t serve to drive patient engagement. IT professionals play an important role here as they implement EHR integration to allow data sharing between both providers and patients, incorporating metrics to monitor timeliness, accuracy, cost and adherence to care plans.