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by Natasha Lomas


Article excerpt bags $6.1M to put users in the driving seat for sharing personal data

Getting corporate partners in place who see the value of’s data exchange vision — and are thus persuaded to buy in to helping achieve it — is one key plank of a strategy for bagging the critical mass of users needed to deliver on a radical rethink of how personal data is collected and shared online.

Our take

A Vision for User-Driven Data Sharing’s data exchange vision has captured the attention of some big players in the IT and e-health space. Lenovo is on board, along with others committed to finding a solution to the challenges of ensuring a single, reliable, means of ensuring patient identity across multiple settings and touchpoints. Is poised to provide consumers with secure control of their most personal data?

Originally launched as a social media back-up service, Digi-me has been reinvigorated through a significant investment from a global re-insurer, Swiss Re. Funding is going toward an API that will push data from the user to wherever the data is being requested from. With accurate patient ID at the point of care—whether that is at a traditional clinic, through remote monitoring, or a personal device—we can safeguard patient records from inaccurate data and potential patient identity fraud.