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Where (Digital) Care Falls Short

  • August 03, 2016|
  • 2 years ago

by Rich Hein


Article excerpt

How to tell if your company needs a chief digital officer

The CDO role has been around for some time, but the position continues to evolve as the C-suite becomes more crowded. “The CDO owns identifying the key areas where digital transformation can dramatically improve the customer experience and is the influencer who drives that change to happen in the organization,” says Mark Orttung, CEO at Nexient, a technology services provider that specializes in agile software development.

Our take

Is It Time to Turn to a CDO?

There’s no doubt that technology pressures have served to splinter the traditional CIO role into many parts. One emerging role, the Chief Digital Officer, or CDO, is intended to focus, specifically, on how digital technology is impacting the organization—and the industry it operates in. Does your health organization need that level of focus on digital disruption?

If you’re not a tech company, chances are you do, suggests this article. Think of it this way. Traditionally, in healthcare, clinic managers were responsible for managing office practices; nursing directors for managing hospital flow. But, in today’s digital environment, where care is increasingly being provided outside the bricks and mortar walls of clinics or hospitals, who is managing these interactions and ensuring that they are continually improved and enhanced to provide the best patient experience? That may be too much to ask of your CIO, but may be exactly the role for a CDO to take on.