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Directing mHealth’s Future

by Judy Mottl

Fierce Mobile Healthcare

Article excerpt

Quality-driven healthcare system a boon for use of remote, mobile tools

Many times those involved in mHealth have a tendency to forget not every consumer is entrenched in use and analysis of the devices. In fact, many people are not yet thinking about mHealth in their day-to-day lives.

Our take

Establishing a Baseline for mHealth Interest, Use and Potential Adoption

Healthcare professionals may be too close to the mHealth trend and too optimistic in terms of the organic adoption that is likely to occur among patients and other consumers. Yes, there is ample opportunity for healthcare providers to embrace the use of wearables and apps in helping to treat patients, particularly those with chronic diseases. But, it’s important to be grounded in reality–these tools and devices have not yet achieved critical mass in terms of use. What could your healthcare system be doing to help boost the odds of engagement among your patients?

You might start with assessing the level of current use/interest among various patient segments, perhaps focusing on chronic disease which is an area that seems to hold promise from both the patient and provider standpoint. How many patients are currently using mHealth devices or apps? How many may be interested? To what extent are they aware of the benefits these devices might bring in terms of helping to manage their diseases?