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DirectTrust Preps for Consumer Market

by Sara Heath


Article excerpt

DirectTrust Sees 20M Health Data Exchanges in Q1 2016

According to a public statement, the number of healthcare organizations served through DirectTrust’s health information service providers (HISPs) increased by 46 percent compared to the first quarter of 2015. The current total of healthcare organizations under DirectTrust now reaches 58,000 organizations.

Our take

Winning the Race for Interoperability?

DirectTrust has made inroads in the provider community, with 44 million HIE messages shared between organizations in 2015. Now the organization says it’s poised to enter the consumer space. Are they poised to push forward with secure interoperability?

DirectTrust has been providing a secure information exchange among providers and physicians have slowly been coming on board. Now the organization says it wants to expand into the consumer space, allowing for secure data exchange between consumers and providers—both traditional and health ed. The race for interoperability is on; DirectTrust may have an edge.