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EHR Application For Preventative Action

by Scott Mace

HealthLeaders Media

Article excerpt

An EHR Tailored for Pediatricians Closes Some Gaps

“A lot of what pediatrics is about is not so much dealing with acute episodes of care. Especially in the ambulatory setting, it’s [about] preventative [measures].” Modifying EHR software and its decision-support elements, would help catch early signs of childhood obesity, problems with oral health, vision, and hearing, and the risk of developing autism, Eason says.

Our take

Leveraging EHR Data for Better Patient Care

For many health organizations, the reliable adoption of EHRs, particularly by physicians, has been a challenge. Some benefits are emerging, though, that may provide tangible benefits to spur greater use. EHR use is maturing beyond getting information into the systems to accessing and using that information in ways that can improve care–and even predict future needs. What opportunities could you be exploring?

At Community Care of North Carolina, pediatricians are finding value from the use of EHR data to help identify early signs of various childhood diseases. This kind of practical, patient care information can provide valuable use cases to demonstrate relevant value from EHRs in ways that will resonate with physicians. Initiating discusses among physician and administrative teams can help identify opportunities. As more and more data becomes available and relevant to provider success, it will be necessary for organizations to innovate and strategically decide how to make big data work for them.