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EHRs: Are Laws Loosening?

by Joseph Conn

Modern Healthcare

Article excerpt

New EHR law offers providers and CMS some flexibility

A bill signed into law last month gave the CMS, hospitals, physicians and other eligible professionals, more flexibility in filing and processing exemptions from the meaningful-use requirements of the federal EHR incentive payment program.

Our take

Don’t Be Lured Into Complacency by This Brief Reprieve

Many providers are likely breathing a sigh of relief since a bill sponsored by Republican Senator Rob Portman (Ohio) was signed into law in January, pushing back filing deadlines for hardship exceptions to meaningful use requirements and providing more flexibility in filing and processing. But, does this move create a false sense of security?

Despite the reprieve that this bill provides in terms of this delay, the requirements remain challenging. Providers and healthcare organizations shouldn’t use this as an opportunity to delay their planning and implementation activities. Time passes quickly and the reprieve is likely to be short-lived. Those organizations pushing hard to meet these requirements will be best positioned to avoid penalties in the future.