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Doctor with Tablet Showing X-Ray Bedside

Execs, Meet Your New Project: HIT Machines

by Christine Kern

Health IT Outcomes

Article excerpt

It's Time To Train the HIT Machines

Digital is having a dramatic impact on the healthcare industry today, revealed in five key trends, according to the Accenture Healthcare IT Vision 2015 report. Based on a survey of 601 doctors, 1,000 consumers, and 101 healthcare executives, the survey highlights these emerging tech trends that will impact the industry over the next three to five years.

Our take

There’s a New Kid in the Classroom and it Looks a Lot Like HAL

The healthcare workforce of the future is likely to reflect a combination of people and machines, both requiring ongoing training to ensure maximum efficiencies and effectiveness. Accenture’s recently released Healthcare IT Vision 2015 report identifies emerging technology trends and predicts that healthcare organizations will need to expend as much effort to train machines as employees.

Tech-training activities will focus on effectively leveraging the massive amounts of data that is currently being collected through EHRs, diagnostic tests, and other sources through algorithms, intelligent software, machine learning and predictive analytics. Already, 73 percent of those responding indicate that they’ve seen positive results from technology investments.