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Friendly Competition in Healthcare

by Beth Kutscher

Modern Healthcare

Article excerpt

WebMD sees opening to tap into telehealth space

WebMD, the media and healthcare information company, is hinting that it will enter the telemedicine space as acquisition prices become more reasonable. On an earnings call on (2/23) WebMD CEO David Schlanger said it’s “likely” that the New York-based company could enter the telehealth space through either an acquisition or partnership, but he did not provide a time frame.

Our take

Which Competitors Will Become Your Collaborators?

Competition will be coming from a wide range of sources for health organizations as telehealth takes hold. Recently, WebMD gave some indications of a move into telehealth, potentially through an acquisition or partnership. Are you staying on top of emerging competitive market entrants?

WebMD was an early entrant into the world of online health information. Founded in 1996, the company has gone through a few iterations and is now poised to move into the telehealth arena. They’re not alone. As new telehealth-related options emerge, and regulations and reimbursements ease the barriers to further adoption, it’s time to consider which competitors might become collaborators in new methods of healthcare delivery.