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Frontiers Of 3D Printing

by Bernie Monegain

Healthcare IT News

Article excerpt

Intermountain surgeons save patient's kidney with 3D printing during dicey operation

Doctors at Intermountain Medical Center printed and used a 3D kidney model to save a patient’s organ during a recent complicated tumor-removal. The 3D model made it possible for the surgeons to study the patient’s kidney and figure how to best remove the tumor that was positioned near vital arteries and veins.

Our take

Practical Uses for 3D Printing

There have been stories in the media about the use of 3D printing to make human body parts or organs, but there are other very practical ways that 3D printing is being utilized by health providers. 3D printing isn’t the future of healthcare; it’s already here. How long before 3D printing becomes a part of your practice?

At Intermountain, 3D printing was used to make a model of a patient’s kidney to provide an opportunity for doctors to consider the best options for removing a tumor. This kind of practical application is becoming increasingly common and holds promise across a broad range of specialties. It’s not science fiction—it’s just good care.