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Google Sets Sights on Health Industry

  • September 28, 2015|
  • 2 years ago

by Davey Alba


Article excerpt

Google Won the Internet. Now It Wants to Cure Diseases

Sam Gambhir, a professor of radiology, bioengineering, and materials science at Stanford University who has collaborated with Conrad since before Google Life Sciences was a formal division within Google X, says the division isn’t just playing around. Gambhir says projects on which he’s partnered with Google’s life sciences team include the use of nanotechnology to improve diagnostics as well as devices to continuously monitor biomarkers.

Our take

Chronic Disease, Aging and More: How Might Google’s Alphabet Disrupt Healthcare Delivery?

With Larry Page’s announcement of a restructuring at Google, under the auspices of a holding company called Alphabet, speculation about what such a move might mean to Google’s more aggressive entry into the healthcare space is rampant and for good reason. Google has already shown itself to be a company that can make an impact—in sometimes very disruptive ways. What do you need to know/do now?

Alphabet, and its subsidiaries, are “must-watch” potentially disruptive forces in healthcare. Given Larry Page’s not so subtle indication that his company is poised to invest heavily in biomedical research, this may be one important external collaborator to keep close tabs on. A concerted focus on healthcare-related new technology solutions could portend some disruptive innovations in the healthcare industry. There may be opportunities to become part of these solutions through creative partnerships and collaborations.