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Health Images Vulnerable on Mobile Devices

by John Andrews

Healthcare IT News

Article excerpt

Imaging files at risk on mobile devices

The proliferation of mobile device technology has given physicians the freedom to assess and diagnose disease from wherever they may be, but they also need to be cognizant of potential security breaches while viewing images in public, risk management specialists say.

Our take

Is Your Patient Data at Risk From Coffee Shop Wi-Fi Hackers?

Physicians are busy so it’s natural that they might take advantage of the convenience of accessing patient data through their mobile devices outside of the healthcare setting. But that potential poses risks related both to the ability of others to possibly see that information and to unauthorized access through public Wi-Fi in settings like coffee shops or restaurants. How can you be sure that you’re controlling against these risks in your organization?

A proliferation of devices that contain patient-related information mean that IT leaders need to cast a wider net to ensure security and the privacy of patient data; this includes communication as well as technology safeguards. A combination of security safeguards built into PACS, EHR and other access points is one key factor; so is ongoing communication and education of clinical staff to ensure they fully understand the risks and take steps to ensure patient data privacy.