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Doctor with Tablet Showing X-Ray Bedside

Health IT: A Patient’s View

by Skip Snow

Healthcare IT News

Article excerpt

Perspective: One patient's satisfied experience with hospital IT

From the moment I walked in, the systems were working hard collecting information, facilitating clinical workflow, and even making suggestions about treatment options and coding basics with a sophisticated recommendation engine built into the hospital’s Cerner electronic health record.

Our take

Have You Walked a Mile in Their Shoes?

The experiences of this reporter—and patient—demonstrate that technology-enabled healthcare service delivery can work, and may even work more efficiently and with better outcomes than traditional care delivery. While there are still opportunities for improvement (most notably, in this patient’s experience, with patient discharge materials), this first-person patient account shows how technology can powerfully, but relatively seamlessly, impact the delivery of care in positive ways. What might the same patient’s experience be like at your facility?

It may pay to take some time to do patient experience simulations to test how seamlessly technology and clinical staff are working together to deliver reliable, high-quality patient care. Technology should enable care, but is only as effective as those using the technology. Assessing how well your mechanical and human systems are working together may yield important insights that can lead to process improvement.