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Health Startups to Watch

by Max Green

Becker's Healthcare

Article excerpt

Behind the scenes of 10 startups working to change healthcare

Healthcare has been ripe for drastic change, but only recently has it seemed feasible for a fledging group of people with little more than an idea to step in and shake things up. Now, startups are breaking into healthcare every week, announcing funding rounds in the tens of millions of dollars, or unexpected partnerships with legacy health systems and vendors who recognize the worth of a good idea with the right platform behind it.

Our take

Startups Poised to Shake Up the Healthcare Industry?

In an environment marked by significant change and ongoing uncertainty, healthcare leaders are facing both opportunities and risks from many sources. Startups hoping to capitalize on the rising demand, shifting reimbursement and insurance coverage options, and environment of growing consumer choice present both new competitive pressures and new opportunities for innovation. How are their efforts likely to impact your organization?

This piece takes a behind-the-scenes look at 10 startups, representing both bootstrapped and investor-funding initiatives. Many are focused on the use of technology to improve workflow and streamline interactions with patients. Others, like Zest Health, provide consumers with new access to information to guide their healthcare choices. Some of these startups may fail; some are likely to succeed. Now, more than ever, it’s critically important for healthcare leaders to be continually scanning the environment to identify both aids and hindrances to their continued success.