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Health Tech Attracts Funds

by Jack McCarthy

Healthcare IT News

Article excerpt

Patient experience, personalized medicine, big data analytics garner top digital health investment in record-setting first half of 2016

Funding for digital health companies reached new heights in the first half of 2016, totaling $3.9 billion invested in 155 deals for seed and Series A rounds, according to a report by StartUp Health. The five leading investment groupings were patient experience with $958 million, wellness with $854 million, personalized medicine with $524 million, big data analytics with $406 million and workflow with $328 million.

Our take

Follow the Money

Digital health company funding is growing exponentially as non-traditional providers move to position themselves to benefit from a burgeoning health tech industry. The biggest areas of focus: patient experience, wellness, personalized medicine, big data analytics and workflow—each representing investments of hundreds of millions of dollars. Will these investments pay off?

Health is big business and it’s a business that is, increasingly, being impacted by venture capital, collaborations, partnerships and industry disruptors. As health leaders continue to respond to these trends, they must map out strategies carefully, in collaboration with trusted vendors that can help them make informed, and sound, choices.