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H&HN Most Wired Offers Insights

by Paul Barr


Article excerpt

Most Wired Hospitals Tackle Cybercrime, Telehealth and Predictive Analytics

Among Most Wired hospitals, 40 percent perform annual social engineering risk assessments, 28 percent perform unannounced assessments and 7 percent perform assessments quarterly. Eight percent perform such assessments no more frequently than every two years, and 17 percent never do, according to Most Wired data.

Our take

Lessons to Learn From the H&HN Most Wired

There are haves and have nots in the field of healthcare when it comes to the ability to fend off cybersecurity risks and explore new digital options like telehealth and predictive analytics. What are the “most wired” hospitals doing that you may not be?

Each year, Hospitals & Health Networks identifies the most wired hospitals and offers insights into where these hospitals are focusing their IT efforts. This year, the 18th for the survey, shows an increasing emphasis on protecting against high-profile hackers, connecting remote hospitals and using data to make the transition from volume- to value-based care. For all hospitals, it’s important to understand current risks, recognize future opportunities and understand where your organization lies on the breach maturity curve.