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HHS Creates Cybersecurity Watchdog

by Julie Bird

Fierce Government IT

Article excerpt

HHS appoints cybersecurity task force to focus on health data, connected medical devices

The Department of Health and Human Services has created a cybersecurity task force to study ways of protecting health data and connected medical devices following two years of escalating cyberattacks on health information systems, HHS said in an announcement last week. Task force members will investigate how different industries and sectors are keeping data and connected medical devices safe and secure, according to the announcement.

Our take

Coming Together to Address Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity threats are becoming an increasingly more serious problem in healthcare as recent breaches clearly demonstrate. It’s not a problem that any individual health system will be able to address on its own. HHS’ new cybersecurity task force is an attempt to bring together experts to find solutions. What opportunities exist to get engaged or to leverage the work of this group?

There are 21 members of this group representing health systems, insurers, technology vendors, pharmaceutical companies and the government. Their work will include analysis of other industries and how they address security risks. Just 21 people across so many stakeholder groups may not be poised to adequately identify the areas of risk and opportunity without additional input. You may want to consider opportunities to add your voice to the mix.