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Interoperability And Collaboration Between Competitors

by Jenny Gold

California Healthline

Article excerpt

In Alameda County, A Big Data Effort To Prevent Frequent ER Visits

The idea for the collaboration arose in 2015 from the experience of a single patient — a 57-year-old Oakland woman with a history of mental illness and chronic substance abuse. In just three years, the woman visited local emergency rooms more than 900 times.

Our take

Collaborating With Competitors to Address Healthcare Overuse

Hospitals in Alameda County, California, are coming together to stem the rising costs of patients seeking care from more than one emergency room. Such duplication drives up costs and also raises potential issues related to effective patient care. Should you be exploring these types of partnerships in your community?

A move toward value-based care is driving a shift from competitiveness to collaboration in healthcare circles as Alameda County’s initiative demonstrates. Coming together to share information about mutual patients to both curb potential abuse and boost the accuracy and completeness of patient records is a benefit to all. Health organizations are finding that they are, increasingly, reaching out to competitors to help address unnecessary medical encounters. This requires, of course, the ability to share data—even across different EHR systems.