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IT: More Than a Full-Time Job

by Ann Bednarz


Article excerpt

IT pros average 52-hour workweek

Among 600 IT pros surveyed, 54% said they work more than 40 hours per week. At the high end of the overtime group, 18% of respondents said they work more than 60 hours per week, and 17% said they top 50 hours per week.

Our take

Are You Overworking Your IT Staff Members?

A survey by Spiceworks, an IT-focused productivity tools firm, found that 17 percent of respondents are working more than 50 hours a week. In healthcare, the average hours worked weekly was 50; this compares to a high of 51.8 hours a week in construction/engineering and a low of 48.7 in government. Long hours are not uncommon in healthcare, but working too many hours can lead to fatigue, errors and burnout. How many hours are your IT staff members putting in on a regular basis?

It pays to find out. While you may have some anecdotal awareness of IT overwork, perhaps based on staff members’ vocalized concerns, getting your arms around exactly how many hours are being worked—and on what—can be a good first step in managing overwork, whether real or perceived.