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Kennedy Speaks On Mental Illness

by Marty Stempniak


Article excerpt

Mental Health a Key Issue for America's Hospitals

Zun highlighted several innovative approaches that providers are taking to this mental health crisis, be it psychiatric urgent care clinics offering group therapy and psychiatric evaluation on a walk-in basis, crisis-oriented treatment in patient’s place of residence, or roving mobile crisis units. Hospitals that are moving into value-based models of care need to be thinking about these types of approaches to succeed, Zun believes.

Our take

Collaborating to Address Disconnects in Care

Using his own experiences as an example, former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy spoke to a group recently about the need for better coordination of care for the treatment of mental illness. A number of innovative approaches are emerging as hospitals prepare for a value-based care model. Given the high demand and high percentage of care focused here, it represents a high priority in terms of finding more efficient and effective means of serving these patients, but interoperability is a big concern. What steps do health providers need to take?

For providers the ability to ensure coordination of care across all touchpoints can help to avoid medical errors like those covered in this piece. With accurate patient ID at the point of care—whether that is at a traditional clinic, through remote monitoring, or a personal device—we can safeguard patient records from inaccurate data and potential patient identity fraud, and ensure appropriate treatment. It’s a tall order, but many efforts are being focused here. Collaborative partnerships will be key to finding a workable solution.