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A Kiosk Trip You Won’t Regret

by Phil Galewitz

USA Today

Article excerpt

Kaiser: Your doctor will see you now – in this telemedicine kiosk

Rushing to a large kiosk in the lobby of the Palm Beach County School District’s administrative building where she works, Christianson, 29, consulted a nurse practitioner in Miami via two-way video. The nurse examined her remotely, using a stethoscope and other instruments connected to the computer station. Then, she recommended Christianson seek an ultrasound elsewhere to check for a possible liver problem stemming from an intestinal infection.

Our take

Health Problems? There’s a Kiosk for That!

Telemedicine has been taking place between doctors in different facilities for years. But now that same technology is being used in doctor to patient visits and new opportunities are emerging. Telemedicine kiosks at employer sites help employees to get quick answers to health concerns, saving time and money on all sides—for the employee/patient, for the employer and for the healthcare delivery system. Does your healthcare community lend itself to this type of solution?

Large insurers like Anthem and UnitedHealthcare are exploring the options, recognizing the potential for cost savings in both the short- and long-term. If patient symptoms can be addressed early and effectively, higher levels of care will not be necessary in the future. These initiatives are in their early stages, and roadblocks have occurred, but the lessons learned here will help pave the way for greater adoption in the future. If there are large employers in your market area, covered by major insurers, it may be time to explore mutual opportunities.