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Learning From 2015’s Data Breaches

by Dan Munro


Article excerpt

Data Breaches In Healthcare Totaled Over 112 Million Records In 2015

The headlines make it appear that hackers are attacking databases, but the reality is most of the problems are from unstructured content inside documents – and those documents are not encrypted. Encrypting data is vital to protecting patient information.

Our take

Data Breaches Are Bad; But We Can Benefit From the Experiences of Others

Patient data privacy is of top concern to patients, providers, healthcare administrators and the government. It’s a concern that will certainly continue into 2016. What can healthcare leaders learn from the breaches that occurred in 2015?

As we look back on 2015 and the more than 100 million records that were compromised, it’s clear that there is work still to be done to ensure the privacy and security of patient records. But, while media reports tend to focus on the large database breaches, there may be equal—if not more—risk from documents that contain information that is not encrypted. Some big name companies (Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield) are on the list of those compromised. Healthcare organizations can learn much from examining these breaches and the best practices that are certain to emerge.