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New Measures Introduced By ONC

by Marla Durben Hirsch


Article excerpt

HHS establishes two metrics to evaluate ‘widespread interoperability’ under MACRA

The office had received nearly 100 comments regarding how the government should measure interoperability. The comments focused mainly on four issues: the reporting burden on providers; whether the scope should be broad enough to include providers not in the incentive programs; that the measurement should go beyond the exchange of information and also examine the usability and usefulness of the information; and the need to recognize the complexity of measuring interoperability fully.

Our take

Will These Metrics Really Measure Interoperability?

Based on input received during an open comment period, the ONC has announced two measures that it believes are most appropriate to fulfill MACRA requirements. Surveys will be used to gather the data. What implications do these metrics, and the ability to gather them, have for your health organization?

It’s just a starting point and a very basic proxy for true interoperability, but the two measure selected—both of which will be evaluated based on feedback from physicians attained through provider surveys—will provide a sense of the extent to which these providers are using electronic data to interact with patient and make decisions about their care.