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Opportunities To Improve EHRs

by Marla Durben Hirsch

Fierce Healthcare

Article excerpt

CMS: EHRs not mature enough to report eCQMs correctly

CMS found that while EHRs were capable of enabling the contractor to collect the data remotely with hospital staff support, many EHR processing procedures “had not yet matured” to permit creation of complete and accurate QRDA I files based on the 2014 eCQM specifications. Many hospitals had challenges with creating complete files, which prevented a meaningful comparison of the QRDA data to that obtained via remote viewing.

Our take

What’s in Your QRDA Files?

GIGO is an age-old acronym in the computer world, but its impacts are evergreen. With health organizations increasingly relying on data to support patient care and spur better outcomes, the quality of the data going in, and coming out of, their EHRs is critical. A recent CMS hospital inpatient quality reporting (IQR) validation pilot revealed some significant opportunities for improvement. Match rates ranged anywhere from 12 to 49 percent when attempting to validate the accurate reporting of electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMS). To what extent can you trust your data?

One of the greatest challenges identified was the ability to create complete files. Without comprehensive data the ability to compare QRDA data, meaningfully, is minimized. It’s clear that additional conversation, collaboration and education will be needed to support complete and accuracy data reporting. As more and more data becomes available and relevant to provider success, it will be necessary for organizations to innovate and strategically decide how to make data work for them – and that will include addressing its challenges.