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Patient Autonomy Shifts Role Of Tradition Providers

by Kenneth Kaufman


Article excerpt

In the Internet Economy, Patients Are Taking Control of Their Health Care

Progress has been slower in health care, with its entrenched traditions, complexities and regulations. However, we are starting to see significant examples of people using the Internet and related technology to completely bypass physicians and legacy health care systems.

Our take

Adapt, Migrate, Mutate—or Die

Consumers are taking healthcare access and information into their own hands, fueled by widely available technology and growing personal know-how. What does this shift in power from provider to patient mean for your health organization?

The healthcare landscape is shifting considerably, with patients increasingly taking it upon themselves not only to research their symptoms—which has become quite common—but, in some cases, to create their own health solutions. This means that the role of the traditional healthcare provider must also shift to accommodate patient autonomy—or risk becoming obsolete. There are benefits as well. Access to patient data from other sources can lead to better treatment and new discoveries.