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PatientPing, a Pilot Program

by Lisa Rathke

News & Observer

Article excerpt

Vermont health care providers test patient-monitoring app

Vermont doctors and health care providers can now monitor if their patient has entered an emergency room or been admitted to a hospital or nursing home with a new online app. PatientPing is being used around the state in a pilot program supported by a federal grant.

Our take

Keeping Tabs on Your Patients: Now There’s an App For That

Keeping track of patients outside the walls of your hospital or clinic has traditionally been challenging, if not impossible. The ability to monitor patients can help to both improve their care and reduce the costs of unnecessary treatments and readmissions. Now, there’s an app for that. Could this type of monitoring have practical application for your health system?

As the philosophies of the medical home and accountable care organizations take root in healthcare, the ability to better manage patient health in its entirety—and not just when they’re in the clinic or hospital—has become increasingly critical. That effective management can reduce costs and improve outcomes, a win-win-win scenario for patients, providers and the public at large. There are challenges, though, including ensuring the reliable and consistent use of such tools among both providers and patients. Lessons learned in Vermont and other states piloting these methods can help pave the way for more widespread use.