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Personnel Structure In A Changing Industry

by Philip Betbeze

HealthLeaders Media

Article excerpt

As Healthcare Changes, So Must its CEOs, CFOs, COOs…

Now, for many in the industry, healthcare reform has matured into a business imperative: the process of ingraining tactics, strategies, and reimbursement changes so that health systems improve quality and efficiency with the parallel goal of weaning us all off a system in which incentives have been so misaligned that neither quality nor efficiency was rewarded.

Our take

There’s More Than an “I” in CIO

Rampant and disruptive changes impacting the healthcare industry are creating the need for organizations to think differently about how they’re structured. This is impacting roles from the CEO to other C-level roles, including CIO. How well is your current structure poised to serve you today and in the future?

Late last year we wrote about the changes that are driving new ways of thinking about the CIO role. It’s no longer possible for a single individual to lead the “I” charge across all areas of IT impact in healthcare. Being proactive in considering what roles need to be in place to ensure that infrastructure, security, and digital technology opportunities are being addressed will put health organizations in place to succeed in this rapidly changing environment.