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Providers Look Forward to Strengthened Security

by Heather Landi

Healthcare Informatics

Article excerpt

Bethesda Health Using Biometric Patient ID Technology

Bethesda Health has implemented a patient identity management solution that uses iris recognition technology with the aim of raising patient safety standards and safeguarding patients from medical identity theft and fraud at the point of service.

Our take

The Eyes Have It!

As healthcare providers continue to grapple with the challenges of ensuring accurate, consistent and privacy-protected patient data across a growing range of healthcare touchpoints, a solution from the world of science fiction may prove to hold promise. Biometrics may be where it’s at in the world of secure patient identification; in addition, this technology may also help to prevent duplication of records. Could this technology work for your healthcare system?

It may. One healthcare organization—Bethesda Health in Florida—is using biometric patient identification in both inpatient and outpatient settings, using iris recognition to safeguard against fraud and prevent the duplication of records.