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Sorting Through CES Technology

by Katie M. Palmer


Article excerpt

An FDA Stamp on CES Gadgets Doesn’t Mean What You Think

“The FDA takes you at your word,” says Gozani. “They’re not a testing agency. They’re a review agency.” So when you’re when you’re looking at gadgets making claims about your health, read the fine print carefully.

Our take

Educating Consumers About the Efficacy of Health-Related Apps and Devices

The wide range of gadgets on display at CES this year are designed to grab attention from convention-goers and media representatives. Health-related devices and applications are highly represented but, despite the promise of innovative functionality, not all have been cleared—or even reviewed—by the FDA. As new apps emerge, how can you help your patients sort the relevant from the rest?

The FDA approval process and claims—from FDA-approved, to FDA-cleared, FDA-registered and FDA-listed—can be confusing for patients, and even providers. The problem these days is that the media is quick to report about the latest and greatest tech trend in the health arena; it’s an area of subject matter that consumers are increasingly interested in. Providers may have a role to play in educating and communicating with patients about which devices have value and which they should avoid.