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Kennedy Speaks On Mental Illness

Collaborating to Address Disconnects in Care Using his own experiences as an example, former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy spoke to a group recently about the need for better coordination of care for the

  • August 12, 2016|
  • 8 months ago

What Are They Doing That You’re Not?

Where Are the Most Wired Focused in 2016? Each year the Most Wired hospital survey highlights those health organizations that are best embracing technology to treat and engage with patients. Those re

  • August 09, 2016|
  • 9 months ago

Could You Be The Next Leader In Telehealth?

Health Providers Can Lead the Charge for Telehealth Hospitals and other traditional health organizations may be at risk from competition from new market entrants who can serve patients regardless of

  • August 09, 2016|
  • 9 months ago

Big Data Strategy For Provider Success

Meeting End User Needs Around Big Data Now that most health organizations have the hardware and systems to collect data, they're turning to considerations of how to strategically apply that data to a

  • August 08, 2016|
  • 9 months ago

Patient-Generated Health Data

Health consumerism is driving a market of wearable devices, new care delivery options, and greater patient engagement. As a result, a new form of health data is emerging, Patient-Generated Health Data

Health Tech Attracts Funds

Follow the Money Digital health company funding is growing exponentially as non-traditional providers move to position themselves to benefit from a burgeoning health tech industry. The biggest areas

  • August 05, 2016|
  • 9 months ago

Lace Up With Lenovo

Walking a Mile (or More) in Their Shoes Who needs a smart watch when you can wear smart shoes? This latest entrant to the world of wearable devices can gather fitness data, act as a mobile game contr

  • August 01, 2016|
  • 9 months ago

Process Over Product

What’s Your Inevitable? Things are changing in healthcare and, generally, technology is driving those changes. But as Kevin Kelly, the co-founder of Wired Magazine and author of the newly released

  • August 01, 2016|
  • 9 months ago

Getting Digital Health For All

If You Build It, They May Not Come There may be a lot of talk about health apps like Fitbit in the circles you travel, but chances are your circles don't fully represent the masses—adoption of such

  • July 29, 2016|
  • 9 months ago

Mixed Reviews, Mixed Quality

Not All Health Apps Are Created Equal The growing number, and wide range, of medical devices and apps is creating an environment that is murky when it comes to discussions about the quality of these

  • July 25, 2016|
  • 9 months ago
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