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Connecting Care Coordination and Health IT

Improving Care Coordination with Health IT Care coordination is readily looked upon as a tactic that could improve patient outcomes. Ideally, this kind of coordination would mean that the right infor

Medical Data Safety: The Threat is Real

Medical Data Safety: The Threat is Real Financial data is something that organizations, individuals, and just about everyone in-between works to keep under lock and key. Medical data, with intimate h

Small Data, Big Promise

Small Data, Big Promise “Small data” in healthcare is a big deal. It allows for the collecting and analyzing of modest amounts of information on individual patients and is a crucial part of the m

Collaboration Through Connected Health

Collaboration Through Connected Health Collaboration is beneficial in nature. And with so many stakeholders working tirelessly to create better care for patients in need, the healthcare environment i

Tackling True Interoperability

Seeking the Truth Behind True Interoperability Interoperability is a loaded word in the healthcare space. Mention it and people will no doubt stop to hear what is being said – but why? What makes i

Lenovo Health

Health IT, Reimagined: Introducing Lenovo Health Lenovo Health is a passionate and forward-thinking IT partner that recognizes the uncertainty facing health professionals and sees potential for bette

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