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Telehealth Is Making House Calls

by Christopher Cheney

HealthLeaders Media

Article excerpt

Hospitals Mull Home Care Strategies as Market Heats Up

As hospitals reach outside their walls to be more closely involved in the entire care continuum of patients, home care presents some tantalizing opportunities. With Medicare reimbursement changes providing a financial foundation for change, home care is increasingly becoming a critical component of integrated health systems, says Sheila Schubert, administrator of home health for Hollywood, FL-based Memorial Healthcare System.

Our take

Delivering Care Their Way

An aging population is increasingly needing care outside of the traditional healthcare–or even nursing home—environments. As Medicare reimbursement changes have emerged, healthcare organizations are moving to capitalize on new opportunities that may involve expansion of existing services or new partnerships and collaborations. But, even outside of the Medicare population, opportunities may exist. How should you be thinking differently about care delivery?

Increasingly, healthcare providers are finding that the hospital no longer serves as the only option for care delivery. Even services performed in ICU settings can now be done in home environments. Thinking differently about the delivery of care can help cut costs, increase patient comfort and satisfaction and even expand service areas. The burgeoning millennial market—a market comprised of digital natives—is likely to drive health delivery demand in new ways; now is the time to begin considering these new delivery methods.