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Telemedicine Adoption: A Work in Progress

by Andis Robeznieks

Modern Healthcare

Article excerpt

AMA holds off on setting telemedicine ethics policy

The American Medical Association House of Delegates decided Monday that proposed recommendations for ethical practices in telemedicine did not clearly address medical liability concerns and sent them back to the authors for more work. The recommendations were included in a report developed by the AMA’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs and were discussed during a meeting of the Committee on the AMA Constitution and Bylaws held Sunday at the House of Delegates interim meeting in Atlanta.

Our take

Telemedicine Implications Should Be Part of Strategic Planning Discussions

A variety of issues stand between healthcare organizations and the widespread adoption of telemedicine. The AMA is taking steps to identify and address these issues. Once removed, or overcome, this will represent both significant opportunity and, potentially, significant challenges for healthcare organizations that will be competing in an entirely different delivery environment. Are you ready?

Widespread telemedicine adoption is a virtual certainty; the only question is “when”? Healthcare organizations should be preparing now to consider the implications—both positive and disruptive—of these changes. This is a key external factor to incorporate into strategic planning discussions and may include consideration of potential collaborators and partners to help augment internal skills, competencies and capabilities.