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The Incentives of Health Data Sharing

by Elizabeth Snell

Health IT Security

Article excerpt

Majority of Americans Say Health Data Sharing Acceptable

A new health information website is being used by your doctor’s office to help manage patient records. Your participation would allow you to have access to your own health records and make scheduling appointments easier. If you choose to participate, you will be allowing your doctor’s office to upload your health records to the website and the doctor promises it is a secure site.

Our take

Patient Portals: How Does Your Patient Participation Stack Up?

When posed with the question of whether or not they would be willing to participate in a web site to track their health records, more than 52 percent of respondents to a recent Pew survey, said “yes.” Interestingly, those most interested were older patients: 62 percent of those 50 and older, compared to 45 percent of those 18 to 49. Given this potential interest, do you feel your health system is doing enough to encourage online engagement?

If your system has an online health information option for patients that is seeing low utilization (particularly when compared to these results), it may be time to consider ways you might better communicate with patients about the availability of these options and address any concerns they might have. Providers, themselves, may also play a role in terms of introducing and supporting this online access,