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The Transitional Role of CDOs

by Clint Boulton


Article excerpt

CDOs in scarce supply at large global companies

Despite some reports that chief digital officers would replace CIOs as innovators of corporate products, only 6 percent, or 86, of 1,500 largest global companies have installed a CDO, according to recent PwC research. While 31 of those CDOs were hired last year, suggesting that more companies are assigning importance to the notion of a dedicated digital leader figure, the CDO role will ultimately fade as companies complete their digital transformations, PwC reports.

Our take

Who Needs a CDO?

The CDO (Chief Data Officer) may be a temporary role, at best, according to a PwC report. CIOs continue to rule, they say, although there may be a temporary role for a CDO to play. As IT demands continue to grow, and healthcare organizations consider ways of restructuring and reorganizing these roles, what implications does this research hold for your health organization?

Depending on where you’re at with your digital transitions, the CDO role may or may not be a critical need, as this article suggests. One issue, of course, is the interplay—and potential competitiveness—between the CIO and CDO. If that competition can be avoided through other options that still meet the organization’s digital needs, why rock the boat? The ultimate decision will be impacted by the competencies of current CIOs relative to digital initiatives and the availability of talent—internally and externally—to assist in these initiatives.