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More Trust For Almighty Cloud

by Jessica Davis

Healthcare IT News

Article excerpt

77 percent of healthcare organizations plan to put data in a public cloud, HyTrust says

More than 75 percent of healthcare organizations plan to move IT systems to a public cloud within the year, according to research from security and compliance specialist HyTrust. What’s more, despite widespread consensus that hospitals are cloud-averse, some 55 percent have already transitioned Tier 1 applications, described as mission-critical and containing sensitive data, to the cloud, HyTrust found.

Our take

More Movement to the Cloud

While security and “orchestration” remain obstacles, health organizations are becoming increasingly confident in the cloud, a recent study reports. According to the study from HyTrust, an IT company, more than 75 percent plan to move their IT systems to the cloud over the next year. What’s holding back more rapid adoption?

Concerns over security rank high, of course, with a majority of respondents predicting an increase in breaches this year. But other barriers include a lack of options among vendors and the perceived immaturity of some providers. Still, with 55 percent indicating that they’ve transferred even their most mission critical applications to the cloud, the opportunities are largely outweighing perceived disadvantages. Organizations must keep in mind, though, that there is more than technology to consider when moving to the cloud—processes are equally important to achieve maximum value.