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Turning to the Cloud

by Jacqueline Belliveau


Article excerpt

Providers Seek Cloud Solutions for Healthcare Data Security

According to a survey by Level 3 Communications Inc. and HIMSS Analytics, approximately 47 percent of healthcare IT professionals reported that their organization was planning on implementing cloud solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery functions. The survey also revealed that only 13.3 percent of participants had a cloud service that provided business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

Our take

Savings and Security in the Cloud

Cost savings remains the top driver of healthcare organizations’ cloud adoption, but is closely followed by business continuity and disaster recovery according to a recent survey. Could broader cloud adoption minimize your security risk concerns?

Cloud adoption in healthcare lagged for some time due to security concerns. It’s ironic, then, that today cloud adoption is being driven by the need to bolster security—and cloud solutions can do just that. By adding an extra layer of protection cloud-based storage options give healthcare organizations backup protection against security breaches which are becoming increasingly common these days. Finding the right partner can help health organizations gain that security, along with cost savings and productivity enhancements.