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Upping The Info Tech Ante

by Mike Miliard

Healthcare IT News

Article excerpt

Commentary: Healthcare providers must spend more on cybersecurity readiness

Global spending on information security surpassed $75 billion in 2015, according to Gartner – a modest increase of 4.7 percent over the previous year. The healthcare industry in particular has some substantial ground to make up, however.

Our take

Picking Up the Pace in IT Security Investment

Geisinger Health System Chief Data Officer says that too many hospitals are investing too little on security. Data backs him up. According to HIMSS, providers are spending less than 6 percent of their IT budgets on security. Security risks in healthcare are a big, and growing problem. That comes as no surprise, but the question remains: what are you going to do about it?

Health organizations are woefully behind the curve when it comes to IT security investment with many still using outmoded forms of protection rather than more advanced technologies. But, remedying the situation is not simply a matter of simply throwing money and people at the issue. A strategic approach is necessary, beginning with a security breach assessment to identify vulnerabilities. Create a long-term plan that enables you to make the most of your annual budget in building a robust security model over time.