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What Is a CNIO?

by Jessica Davis

HealthcareIT News

Article excerpt

The CNIO role is gaining traction, according to Witt/Kieffer

The number of chief nursing informatics officers has increased in health systems over the past five years, with more designated CNIO-positions than ever before. The bump comes at a time when the need to bridge the gap between clinical and informatics increasing, according to a recent report commissioned by the workforce search firm Witt/Kieffer.

Our take

What Got You Here, May Not Get You There

The importance of IT in healthcare is growing exponentially, with new C-level roles emerging to ensure the appropriate focus on the many areas that IT has expanded into. One of these roles—chief nursing informatics officer—is becoming more prevalent as hospitals seek to bridge the gap between clinical and technological considerations for effective and efficient tech adoption. Is it time to reevaluate your tech leadership structure?

The C-level in IT has expanded significantly in recent years as the technology needs in healthcare have grown to encompass a wide range of devices extending well beyond legacy computing systems. IT staff are pulled in a variety of directions to serve the needs of staff, providers and patients while ensuring safety, security and privacy in an increasingly complex and dangerous environment. Each organization’s requirements will be different, but evaluating and potentially adjusting health IT structures should be part of ongoing planning to address current and future needs.